Oscar Mayer Is Hiring People to Drive the Wienermobile

Oscar Mayer just announced that you can now apply online to drive one of six Oscar Mayer Wienermobiles around the country this year. The ad itself is enough to make you want to apply:Have you always dreamed of working with hot dogs? Well, look no further. All of your hot dog dreams just came true. We could say 'drivers wanted,' but what we really mean is WIENERMOBILE navigators ready to deliver unlimited joy to thousands of people every single day.

You’re not just driving when you’re a Hotdogger (as Wienermobile drivers are called). You get full-time pay for one year (plus benefits), when you drive the iconic 27-foot hot dog on wheels. You’ll also represent Oscar Mayer in radio and TV appearances, grocery store events, and charity functions.

Before you start, you’ll just need to attend Hot Dog High, a two-week training session where you’ll pick your official Hotdogger name, learn good hot dog puns, and, you know, learn how to actually drive the Wienermobile. There are 12 positions total, and it’s competitive—Oscar Mayer says thousands of people applied last year. Check out the official job description to understand what you’re signing up for, and then submit your resume and cover letter via email or mail by January 31.

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