Tom Brady Prop Bets For 2020

Everyone wants to know what Tom Brady will do in 2020, and one sports book is willing to take bets on it. Five sets of prop betting odds were just released for gamblers to wager on Brady’s fate next NFL season.

  • Will the Pats make it to the playoffs with Brady in 2020-21? Yes (-700)/No (+400)
  • Will the Pats win the division with Brady? Yes (-200)/No (+150)
  • Will the Pats win the Super Bowl with Brady? No (-2500)/Yes (+1200)
  • Pats win total with Brady? Under 10 (-140)/Over 10 (+100)
  • What team will Brady play for in 2020?
    • Cleveland Browns (+550)
    • Carolina Panthers (+600)
    • Las Vegas Raiders (+600)
    • Los Angeles Chargers (+600)

Where’s your money going?

Source: Sports Betting

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