Cheetos Announces Official Name for the Cheese Residue Left on Your Fingers

You know how you’ll be eating a bag of Cheetos and you get that cheesy residue on your fingers? Now, Cheetos has given it a name! The dusty-cheese byproduct of eating Cheetos that consumers, for decades, have sometimes described as “Cheetos fingers” now has an official term: Cheetle. "Cheetle" is defined as “that orange and red dust symbolic of true Cheetos fandom,” according to a press release from Frito-Lay.

But wait — there’s more. To celebrate this newly coined term, Cheetos is rolling out a brand-new product just covered in Cheetle. For the first time ever, the beloved brand will be making ready-to-eat popcorn “that has been infused with Cheetle.” The finger-staining popcorn will be available nationwide in both Cheddar and Flamin’ Hot flavors.

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