McDonald's Is Now Selling "Adult Cream Pies" in Japan

I'm not even gonna try to make a joke about this, because I'll just get in trouble . . .McDonald's is selling a new menu item in Japan. And the translation in English is NOT safe for work.

They're called "Adult Cream Pies."

In Japanese, the name is, "Otona No Cream Pie." And "otona no" literally means "adult" in English.

It doesn't sound dirty over there though, because it's a term normally used to describe sweet foods that aren't TOO sweet. They have a different word for adult entertainment stuff. So only English speakers think it's funny.

In the new ad, a young Japanese woman asks an older lady if Adult Cream Pies are, quote, "really delicious." And she responds by saying, "If you eat it once, you'll be filled."

They come in two different flavors: Belgian Chocolate and Sweet Cheese. 


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