Mike Shinoda On If Linkin Park Would Tour With Chester Bennington Hologram

Linkin Park In Concert At The Joint At the Hard Rock

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If you had your breath held for a Linkin Park tour with a Chester Bennington hologram, you can exhale because it's never going to happen. Mike Shinoda shot down the idea during an interview with Houston radio station 94.5 The Buzz after the interviewer said people would pay "good money" to see a tour like that.

“Those are creepy. Even if we weren’t talking about us, if we weren’t talking about Chester, which is… that’s a very sensitive subject, and we would have our feelings about how we would represent that. For me, that’s a clear no. I’m not into that," he said bluntly. “Even as a viewer of, like, just a fan of another band — like I heard ABBA, for example, they’re doing a hologram show, and they’re still alive.Then you get to have an opinion about it based on, like… They’re all still here, and yet they wanna do it this way because they wanna transport you back to that moment in time where those songs were new and it was whatever era it was.”

“I get that. I see that," he added. "I’m not positive, even under those circumstances, I’m not positive I personally would buy a ticket to the show. But [other people] would. That’s fine.”

Watch the full interview below.

These remarks come after Shinoda told fans that touring was the one thing off the table for Linkin Park right now.

“I’ll say it this way. Normally I’m really trying to manage expectations a little bit, especially in the last few years,” he explained in an interview last month. “There’s certain things that are going to be on the table, certain things that are off the table. With this release, shockingly, I don’t think there’s very much to say is off the table. Touring is the only thing [off the table]. We’re not touring right now.”

“The rest of their imagination, where I know their heads are going to go [in regards to] ‘can we do this’, ‘can we do that?’ I think to a lot of that, it’s yes,” he added.

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